Rescan and 11 March 2014

Up till 11th March Mux 1 has copies of some channels now on Mux 2. You can rescan any time, but after the 11th March 2014 you need to if you lose some channels. See Saorview Rescan

UTV is coming to Saorview

The contract to be negotiated between the BAI and UTV Ireland Limited is provided for under Section 71 of the Broadcasting Act 2009. There are a number of elements to a contract granted under this section of the Act which differ from the regulatory regime applied to the public service broadcasters, RTÉ and TG4, and […]

Saorview Retune on 21st October 2013

SAORVIEW is preparing to improve. To facilitate this, a second SAORVIEW multiplex will be brought on-air from October 21st. All SAORVIEW viewers nationwide will have to re-scan their SAORVIEW TV’s and set-top boxes from October 21st 2013 to receive this additional multiplex. What does it mean? RTE1 is due to change from SD to HD. […]

RTE1 HD commencing?

RTE1 is said to be moving to HD either by Christmas 2013 or early 2014. This no doubt mainly depends on funding to run the second Multiplex as the current Multiplex is full. This will be on Saorsat too, but not the N.I. Mini-mux system. Like RTE2 HD it will be mostly upscaled SD content […]

RTE Choice gone

RTE Choice (which appeared to be mostly a feed of the WRN) has been axed from Saorview, Saorsat  and Irish DAB. This was the only non-RTE content on Irish Terrestrial Digital Radio. However RTE Radio 1 Extra now only has RTE 1 LW content not on VHF-FM and has most of the old RTE Choice […]

Saorview System Software Update Active

The Saorview SSU channel (System Software Update) hidden channel is now live. There is an official  SSU schedule so you know when to leave the setbox or TV on (automatic) or do it manually.  See your equipment’s manual regarding OTA (Over The Air) upgrades. Manufactures pay a small fee to RTENL and then can use […]