In the Budget 2011 announced on 7th of December 2010, The Dept of Communications allocted €3 million to Digital terrestrial television to include a public information campaign in 2011. (see side bar external documents)

Also €10 million (5%) of the licence fee is to be allocated from RTÉ to TG4.  This replaces direct funding of TG4 from Government which may have been €6.4 million last year.

See Six-One News (7/12) at about 0:46:10 mins

There does not appear to be any direct funding of the over €70M Digital Switch Over rollout costs incurred bay RTE NL, despite the fact that the Government hope to recoup €500M in auction of Television Spectrum in 2012. Analogue Close down is expected to be by November 2012, or 1st January 2013 at the latest.

Still no mention of Set-box subsidy for needy folk, or subsidy of dish install for those that will not receive Terrestrial signal.