Set Top Box/Integrated Digital Television
To receive SAORVIEW viewers will need a suitable Set Top Box (STB) or Integrated Digital Television (iDTV) connected to an aerial.

The technical requirements for Irish digital terrestrial television (DTT) (now SAORVIEW) receivers were first published by the Department of Communications Energy and Natural Resources in February 2008.


Key elements of the receiver specification include the following:

1. The receiver needs to be capable of decoding both Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) MPEG 4 signals. This is important as RTÉ is planning to replace its current SD RTÉ Two service with an RTÉ Two HD service on SAORVIEW. More HD services are likely to follow in the future.

2. The receiver needs to have MHEG5 middleware to decode RTÉ’s proposed new Digital Aertel Service and other possible interactive services.

In December 2008 RTÉ published its Minimum Receiver Requirements. It subsequently appointed a company to test receivers for compliance with the these requirements and instigated an approval process for manufacturers. RTÉ did not add any further technical requirements beyond what was already required in the Department’s specification

RTÉ established the approval process to reassure consumers that receivers are SAORVIEW compliant. Only receivers that have been approved will carry the SAORVIEW logo.

RTÉ recommends that consumers wishing to avail of the SAORVIEW service only purchase receivers that carry the SAORVIEW approved logo.

At present there are a small number of SAORVIEW approved STBs or iDTVs, see below. Others are currently going through the testing process. In the lead up to the full launch of SAORVIEW in spring 2011 we are confident that there will be a wider range of approved receivers available from retailers and TV installers across the country.

Buying a digital set-top box or integrated digital television for Christmas 2010
If looking to make a purchase in the immediate future consumers should seek advice from their specialist retailer or manufacturer.

Consumers should be aware that the majority of UK “Freeview” boxes and iDTVs will not decode the SAORVIEW service (as they use the MPEG 2 standard) and that unapproved receivers may not be fully compatible with all aspects of the SAORVIEW service.

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