ASO ALWAYS means re-tuning. Many UK areas had and will have  MULTIPLE retunes.

Here is there is only once at ASO (24th October 2012).

Ireland will only have:
Holywell Hill, Clermont Carn (increase power and new channels are same Group)
Mt Leinster is a group change B to A (45 – > 23) ONCE. This will stop interference in Wales and in Ireland.

After 24th October 2012 (possibly 5th November 2012):

Mount Leinster PSB1 changes from ch 45 -> ch 23
Mount Leinster PSB2 changes from ch 39 -> ch 26
Clermont Carn PSB1 changes from ch 53 -> ch 52
Clermont carn PSB2 changes from ch 57 -> ch 56
Holywell Hill PSB2 changes from ch 25 -> ch 33

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Revised Frequencies October 2012

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