The competition Authority approves the joint company set up by RTE and TG4 to run the N.I. Mini-Mux which will have only Irish channels (no TV3 or 3E).


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The joint venture by RTE (Raidio Teilifis Eireann) and Teilifis na Gaeilge (TG4) would bring programmes from both to around 90% of NI homes.

Actually this is inaccurate. 55% to 60% of N.I. Homes will be able to receive Saorview directly (50% already). The Mini-mux Joint Venture will cover about 30% not 90% of N.I. Homes. A lot of those are in Belfast where many people use Virgin Cable and get RTE & TG4. Also all Sky Subscribers in N.I. get TG4 and RTE.

In addition most of N.I. will be able to receive Saorsat, certainly all the area covered by the mini-mux. The UK Government pays TG4’s portion of the costs, but RTE has to entirely pay their portion of cost from their existing Irish Revenue (Irish TV licence and Irish Advertising). Perhaps people in West Belfast should pay Irish TV licence.