Viewers in the greater Dublin area receive their SAORVIEW signal from either Three Rock or Kippure. Both sites transmit on the same frequency and the receiver does not know which transmission site is being received.
RTÉNL plans to change frequency at Three Rock very shortly. There is no longer a requirement to operate this site as a Single Frequency Network (SFN) with Kippure.
On 10th July 2012, Three Rock will change from channel 54 to channel 30. Service from this site will cease at 09.00 hrs and return at 13.00 hrs. Following this frequency change, viewers who no longer receive channel 54 will have to re-scan their receivers in order to receive from channel 30. This change will coincide with the EPG change also planned for this date.
SAORVIEW plans to inform the public of this change in the lead up to 10th July through the SAORVIEW website and through public information announcements on all SAORVIEW TV services.

A group “A” aerial thus is the correct aerial for Three Rock (South Dublin City and other areas)