Minor change.  Some TVs and set-boxes will automatically change.

Ideally people should be able to decide themselves the channel numbers. But Digital often removes that analogue choice. So why bother spoiling our picture with DOGs? (Digital Onscreen Graphics, the little egotistical logos!)



In order to accommodate essential transmitter upgrade work, viewers receiving the SAORVIEW service are asked to re-scan their televisions or set-top-boxes after 2pm on Tuesday 10th July. Instructions will be found in your TV or set-top box manual. For more information go to Information Guide for re-scan box or tv or call the information helpline 1890 222 012.

After rescanning, viewers should see a slight change to the channel line up on their EPG. RTÉ News Now will swap places with 3e so that the new line-up will be:

• 3e on position 5, and
• RTÉ News Now on position 6.

This change has been made at the request of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland