Around 10am 24th October 2012, RTE Analogue (started 31st Dec 1961 as mono 625 line VHF here) turning off

Top set is with an indoor aerial, which is perfect on Digital.

Get ready!

Hit the off button

The instant she clicks…

Just about ASO


Some seconds later (more than 5, less than 30) due to buffers in the digital distribution chain

The sites are fed by digital (not Saorview, a separate feed) on fibre or Microwave.

So my guess the screen in RTE is before the distribution encoder and we saw what was in the encoder (Dublin) and decoder (sites) buffers. Most people reported different delays between her clicking the button (and monitors in RTE going to “blue”) depending on TX site they using.

Since N.I. changed last night, in border areas there would have been interference (both ways!) till after 10am this morning.

Analogue TV finally gone on Terrestrial Public UHF & VHF on “These Islands”. There is still analogue on cable, Hotel distribution systems and possibly some pockets of 2.5GHz UPC MMDS (10 Analogue and 65 Digital, or no analogue and 120 channels Digital Pay TV via mesh dish Terrestrial 2.5GHz).

TV continues on Digital only with Pat Rabbitte, The Minister for Communication, Energy and Natural Resources (DCENR)

Pat Rabbitte Minister DCENR


The 24 hrs News channel (only repeats of RTE1 & RTE2 news), now running nearly 2 years.
ASO documentry 1961
Just after the speeches they run a short documentary on the start of Irish TV (1961 / 1962)

Installing TV transmission Monitor 1961


RTE1 & RTE2 text is to end on Saorview. Compliant TVs and Setboxes of the standard have not shown RTE Aertel for two years or more as pressing text brings up Teletext OR MHEG, with MHEG getting priority.

Ireland's new MHEG5 text service
TV3 & TG4 still do text on Irish Digital

Teletext on TG4 after ASO

Sky still has RTE1 & RTE2 text as they don’t use MHEG5, but “Open TV” (which is a closed secret standard!).

Clermont Cairn’s high power nearly omni directional array (Blocked to East) now up and running with reception in Bangor, Newtownards and Belfast.

The NIMM (Northern Ireland Mini-mux) from both Black Mountain and Carnmoney Hil lalso good in Bangor. This RTEOne, Two, TG4 and RnaG in three different places on the EPG.