Death of Ceefax spoof
Spoof teletext page

With the end of UK analogue TV, the UK ceefax service is closed. This is a “political” decision as Teletext is actually digital, even on Analogue TV and is cheaply carried on Cable, Satellite or Terrestrial Digital TV.

Sky Interactive is “Open TV” and BBC uses MHEG5 for Text now on Freesat and Freeview.

Simulated teletext showing all features used
Simulation showing all features used

RTE Ends Teletext on Saorview & Saorsat

Sometime between Friday 26th Oct 2012 and 28th Oct 2012 the Teletext ended on RTE1 and RTE2 on Saorview and Saorsat. It’s still on Sky (even if you don’t have an Irish subscription, though TV is blocked).

If your TV or Setbox is Certified for Saorview or has MHEG5 you’ll still get the same information, but formatted differently

RTE Interactive Text
Example of RTE MHEG5 Interactive text

Of course there is no point in UK to continue Ceefax as pure “Freeview” certified products don’t support Teletext.