The Saorview SSU channel (System Software Update) hidden channel is now live. There is an official  SSU schedule so you know when to leave the setbox or TV on (automatic) or do it manually.  See your equipment’s manual regarding OTA (Over The Air) upgrades. Manufactures pay a small fee to RTENL and then can use this to add new features or fix “bugs” (broken / faulty written bits of software). This kind of software is called “Firmware”.

It can’t add features that the TV or setbox physically can’t do due to limitations of Memory, CPU speed, Tuner hardware, DSP codecs.   So you won’t get updates from DVB-T to DVB-T2 or new Codecs (or RTE player if your equipment has no ethernet or WiFi networking).  It could (if the manufacturer writes the software) add series link (if your equipment records) or fix Program Guide (EPG) issues