SAORVIEW is preparing to improve. To facilitate this, a second SAORVIEW multiplex will be brought on-air from October 21st. All SAORVIEW viewers nationwide will have to re-scan their SAORVIEW TV’s and set-top boxes from October 21st 2013 to receive this additional multiplex.

What does it mean?

RTE1 is due to change from SD to HD. This will not fit in the current single “multiplex” which is full. So the channels will be redistributed between the multiplexes.

The only other likely changes in the next 12 months may be TG4 and TV3 changing to HD eventually. The only likely “new” channel will be Oirechtas TV, which should have been on Saorview since launch, but the Government didn’t yet allocate a budget for transmission costs.

It’s likely that the  Saorsat “virtual” transponder will just become wider bandwidth to accommodate the extra bandwidth, though of course Saorsat could use two “virtual” transponders if there was any need to make the MPEG2 transport streams identical between Satellite and Terrestrial.