Myths about Digital TV

  • DTT will broadcast on an entirely different frequency requiring a metal or aerial circular thing. WRONG
  • It’s just Freeview. Wrong, a Freeview TV will not work, even if Full HD but a “Freeview HD” box or TV will
  • RTE will put a “frequency in the air” so as to pump more information to your TV like “live record”. WRONG
  • Close to 60% of the country use Sky. WRONG
  • No you wont receive this through a rooftop aerial, absolutely not. WRONG
  • BBC will be on it.  WRONG
  • You need a Digital Aerial. WRONG. There is no such thing
  • The MOU or GFT agreement says South will Get N.I. Channels and N.I. will get RTE. Wrong Only free via Satellite. (Freesat and Saorsat). There will be about 20% “overspill” of N.I. DTT (freeview)  and about 50% Saorview Overspill (Holyhill, Truskmore, Cairn Hill, Clermont Carn) to N.I.

In the UK they have had problems with misinformation. Most of this (link) is applicable here too!


Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources (Deputy Eamon Ryan): There are no plans for a single all Ireland digital free to air network carrying all the UK Freeview and Irish TV channels.

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FACTS about Digital TV in Ireland

  • It uses the same aerials, amplifiers and Frequency band as TG4 and TV3, and in many places RTE1 & RTE2. There is no special Digital aerial.
  • There will be a 1 week program guide on your TV screen at no cost
  • Almost 80% of people do have Pay TV (UPC, Sky, Magnet and others), but not on every TV set. You can get all the main UK channels and Irish channels today without PayTV.
  • Almost everyone can use existing aerials to get Digital TV. Maybe 10% might be better off with a new outdoor aerial. 20% of people at the minute can’t get TV3 on an aerial and 3% to 5% can’t get TG4 on a aerial today. By 2012 only 3% to 8% will not get all the Irish channels via an aerial and the remaining will be able to get a new free satellite service.
  • It will not have BBC or ITV. You need Freesat (dish and satellite receiver anywhere in Ireland) or Freeview (only from N.I. or Wales via bigger aerial, like UK analogue TV since 1950s). Freesat (anywhere) and Freeview (parts of East coast and Border) are free UK services.
  • Almost everyone will get it via a regular (probably existing) aerial
  • It is nothing to do with Sky or Services from 28E satellite, which will not change.