Some Background

  1. Saorsat is just a backup feed for transmitters and “fill in” for 2% to 7% that might not get Saorview (Digital via Aerial, Free DTT). It won’t have anything not on terrestrial.
  2. It’s unlikely Saorsat will ever work on a Sky box. You need a FTA DVB-S2 HD satellite receiver. All “Freesat HD” boxes should work, but only some of them can do Saorsat and Freesat at the same time.
  3. Saorsat uses Left Hand Circular Ka-Band LNBF (20.185GHz) and dish pointed at 9E (ka-Sat). Freesat/Sky uses Ku-band LNBF and dish pointed at 28.2E. It’s possible to have a solid dish (not ever a sky dish) that has LNBs for both services or two dishes.
  4. Multiple satellite feeds (separate LNBs on same or separate dishes) can be be combined to one cable for one Tuner via an external Diseqc switch (4 way are best value). The receiver (satellite Tuner) has to support Diseqc commands. Sky boxes don’t. Some Freesat HD boxes don’t

To supply a PVR  (recorder) you  need two Diseqc switches and Quad LNB for Sky/Freesat with a Sat IF splitter and Ka-Band single LNBF for Saorsat. For two PVRs or 4 rooms you need four Diseqc switches, a Sat IF amplifier, 3 Sat IF splitters and Ka-Band single LNBF for Saorsat. Or a single Multiswitch for 8 to 16 rooms.


A multiswitch is a better solution for more than one Satellite Feed and more than one Room.  It easily allows up to four satellite feeds and 16 tuners (8 dual tuner PVRs or a Mix). It’s easily expanded to over 1000 rooms, yet affordable for four rooms. The same Coaxial cable can also distribute Terrestrial Aerial signals and even UPC or Digiweb DOCSIS cable broadband, MMDS or Cable TV.

Normally each satellite feed (LNB) needs four connections to the Multiswitch. All Multiswitches normally use Quattro LNBs rather than Quad LNBs. But C-Band only needs a C-Band Dual and Ka-Sat (used by Saorsat) only needs a simple single output Ka-Band  LNB with no band or polarity switching.  Some Multiswitches can use a Quad LNB, but only on first position, some can use Quattro or Quad on any Position.

By default, good Multiswitches always select the first port to the outlet cable. So 28.2E LNB should be on port 1 if you want to use a Sky box (or a Freesat box with no Diseqc commands for Freesat only).

Each output cable needs a SAT/TV diplexer in the Room

Most good Multiswitches have a single extra non-Satellite or terrestrial input that simply feeds all 16 outlets.

So if you want Terrestrial Digital/Analogue (Saorview and existing analogue) to each room as well as a satellite signal, then the aerial (or VHF, DAB and UHF aerials) feed the extra non-satellite input on the Multiswitch and then in the room you use a SAT/TV “diplexer” that splits the TV and Satellite signal to two connections. This saves a lot of extra cables.

The diplexer is not much expensive than a splitter and looks like one, with “Com”, “TV” and “Sat” F-connector sockets for the coax, TV set and Satellite Receiver.