More people than ever before in Ireland can get Irish TV via an aerial.

Most people need an outdoor Aerial for Irish TV and a Dish for Satellite TV. Some people can use an attic/loft aerial. A smaller proportion can use an Indoor aerial, but NOT the “traditional Rabbit’s Ears” as those are really for VHF-FM, DAB and old VHF TV (ending 2012).  TG4, TV3 and some RTE are on UHF only for Analogue (ending 2012) and Saorview usually can use the same UHF aerial. There is no such thing as a “Digital” aerial or “Digital amplifier” for TV. That is marketing lies.

Contact ISAA (Irish Satellite & Aerial Association)

Some people may be able to use an Attic aerial or even an Indoor aerial. Unless your room has a good view of the mast an Indoor aerial will be poor and prone to interference (which pixelates or freezes the picture). There is little difference between a €2 indoor aerial and €50 model as long as it has a loop or a set of short rods. The older “rabbit’s ears” with two telescopic rods is not suitable as all Digital TV is currently on UHF and those were for VHF RTE1 and RTE2. They never suited Analogue TG4 or TV3 as those are (till October 2012) on UHF only. The combo “rabbit’s ears” has a loop for UHF and rods for VHF.

See Techtír UHF Aerials.

Cheap Indoor kind


Proper types for Attic/loft or Outdoors are on Techtir. Professional install on chimney or gable end recommended.  Most retail ” so called outdoor” aerials are only suitable for attic/loft as the aluminium is too thin and there is two much cheap  and brittle plastic.


DIY Aerial.

If the signal isn’t strong enough for a simple wire aerial to work at all then a loft or outdoor aerial will be required.

You can cut the VHS machine end plug off a cheap Video RF cable.



Pull open the outer insulation and then pull out the inner cable from the outer wire or screen mesh


The two resultant wires should be about 8″ or 20cm (not very critical).


Poke the outer wire back into the outer insulation and try it horizontally and vertically:


You can use a short extension cable or a second RF video cable to extend it. While taped to a window facing the transmitter is best you can try a shelf, cupboard wall etc. If your TV isn’t Saorview certified or isn’t compatible with Irish Digital TV signals at all you need a suitable Set Box.  SCART cable for non-HD Tvs or HDMI cable for HD or so called “HD ready” TVs