This is the list of Receivers that while they may appear to work, do in fact NOT work for Irish TV at all.

MPEG2 only Receivers won’t display any video on any channel.

MPEG4 alone is not enough.

Avoid DTT /DVB-T receivers with MP4 or MPEG4 players. It’s only DivX type playback, not an MPEG4 tuner. Most don’t do HD either.

None of these DTT solutions are Compatible with Saorview

  • All non-HDFreeviewSetbox and “Freeview” DVD or HDD recorders, but not “Freeview HD” boxes which mostly work
  • Technisat HDFV though “Freeview HD” doesn’t work on Saorview
  • LG M227WDP will receive MPEG4, but like Picnic can’t do HD at all.
  • The Neotion “CAMs” such as Pocket Duo or NP4 (Too Hot, no HD, poor quality*)
  • HINKE HT-0100 (No HD)
  • AM(W), Mini DVB-T Mpeg4 (any SCART type adaptor)
  • Most Freeview (even if Full HD or HD Ready, MPEG2 and no MPEG4. “Freeview HD” is OK)
  • Most TNT (even if Full HD or HD Ready, MPEG2 and no MPEG4. “TNT HD” works without MHEG5)
  • Sagem Picnic (no  HD, made for a Sky DTT service that never launched)
  • DVB-T 806 DTT + media Player (MPEG4 is not H.264, it’s for media file DivX)
  • Premier AV-TV-1158 DVB-T receiver and media Player. No HD reception
  • Opticum FT15 (p or g), (no  HD)
  • Golden Media T-BOX 8050 (no  HD)
  • Philex Skyline (no  HD)
  • Triax TR110 (no  HD)
  • tizi (DTT tuner for iOS, iPad, iTouch and iPhone. No HD) Overpriced DTT tuner to WiFi Adaptor.
  • Mio Satnav V505 TV ( MPEG2 SD only, no MPEG4, no HD)**
  • Mio Satnav V575 TV (MPEG2 SD only, no MPEG4, no HD)**
  • METRONIC Zapbox HDMI Media Freeview (Only up-scaled SD MPEG2 only)
  • Probably most Eurovox, Starbox and EuroBox (Most of these are MPEG2 only anyway)
  • BT Vision service grey and black versions. While they in theory should work, they don’t as they are designed for BT’s Subscription hybrid VOD service in UK.
  • Verbatim MediaStation HD DVR. Basically a Media store with basic DVB-T tuner.

From RTE Saorview

Key elements of the receiver specification include the following:

1. The receiver needs to be capable of decoding both Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) MPEG 4 signals. This is important as RTÉ is planning to replace its current SD RTÉ Two service with an RTÉ Two HD service on SAORVIEW. More HD services are likely to follow in the future.
2. The receiver needs to have MHEG5 middleware to decode RTÉ’s proposed new Digital Aertel Service and other possible interactive services.

Partial Compatibility

  • Many Panasonic TVs are problematic
  • Some Philips TVs either have MHEG5 and no Radio, or Radio and no MHEG5 depending on Country setting. This issue may be solved (see link)
  • No MHEG5 on generic linux boxes and TNT-HD only TVs/Boxes
  • Tesco’s Technika STBHDH2010 will only allow you to choose either Freeview or Saorview but not both. Other similar Technika “Freeview HD” boxes do more or less work

Issues with “Freeview HD” boxes or TV on Saorview

  • Channels may be listed from 800
  • May be no traditional EBU Teletext (may end 2012/2013 anyway)
  • Subtitles might not work
  • May stay on Winter time during Summer (no DST)

HD is not optional on a Set-box. A cam adaptor for an MPEG2 TV or Set-Box can never manage HD. You can only adapt a TV with fully compatible Set-box. Not a “CAM

When using a proper Saorview compatible set-box, if your TV is not HDTV, then the SCART outlet will have Down-converted HD for you to watch. RTE2 is HD first, over the next year or early 2012, RTE1 may also be in HD only. Possibly TG4 in 2012 or 2013 and TV3 in 2013 or 2014. There is no SD & HD simulcast like on Satellite and UK Freeview.

If it doesn’t have this logo, it’s not approved and may not work.

(*Neotion specs: link to PDF)

The longer explanation as why the Neotion or any other “CAM” solution can’t work

The PCMCIA (CI slot for a CAM on a TV or set-box) is for PayTV decoder which has a viewing card slot.
Usually an MPEG2 TV can’t see the MPEG4 channels if they are “flagged” properly, thus there is nothing for the converter that mimics a  “CAM”  to convert. If it’s an HD broadcast the MPEG2 bitrate is too high, so HD won’t ever work. Some Saorview channels will only be transmitted in HD.
The “Converter CAM” has to have an MPEG4 decoder and MPEG2 encoder so even if it did work, it reduces quality, adds delay and may run hot enough to damage the TV or set-box.

** In car TVs must not be visible to the Driver.

Technika STBHDH2010 will only allow you to choose either Freeview or Saorview but not both.