Content since 3rd November 2010

RTÉ Two (up-scaled HD signal since Dec 2010, HD Content from May 2011 )
RTÉ News Now
3e (17th November, the TV3 station formerly Channel 6)
Test (was RTE NL HD format Test loop now temp RTE2 till 18th April)


(all existing RTE radio from VHF-FM, LW 252 and DAB)
RTÉ Radio 1
RTÉ Radio 1 Extra
RTÉ Lyric FM
RTÉ Choice
RTÉ Gold
RTÉ Junior/RTÉ Chill
RTÉ Pulse/RTÉ 2xm

Interactive (uses MHEG5)

RTÉ Digital Text (Only RTE1, Tg4 and TV3 have original Teletext)

Conditions set by DCENR

No advertising will be permitted on the RTÉjr or RTÉ News Now channels.

RTE2 HD must be on the 2nd Multiplex.

Proposed content

(Approved 24th February 2011, Link DCENR)

2011 to Early 2012:

RTÉ Junior /  RTÉ+ (time share: In evenings, RTÉ+ will initially be RTE1+1 timeshift and later have its own content including imports shown very late on RTE2)

RTÉ2 HD and RTEjr/RTE+ will move to 2nd Multiplex during 2011.

RTE expect by the end of 2013 that RTE1, TV3 and TG4 will also be in HD.

When financed

Oireachtas TV
Film Channel (HD?)

Perhaps National commercial Radio?

RTÉ One: Change to HD only
TV3 Change to HD 2012 to 2013 sometime.
TG4 Change to HD

More Interactive Content


UK Television

Saorview will not carry UK television. That would be  pay TV content.  Any Terrestrial PayTV system would be alongside Saorview, as Saorview is only Free To Air Television. RTE recommend that you use Freesat to get over 40 decent UK channels free and over 20 decent Radio stations free (out of 200+ FTA TV and about 70 FTA Radio).

Debate in Oireachtas

Mr. Conor Hayes:
The UK channels are available under an approach called Freesat, which is broadcast by a company owned by the BBC and ITV. They broadcast these channels in the clear over Ireland using a wide-band satellite operating in the KU band. RTE’s satellite option is a narrow-band satellite operating in the Ka band. One cannot get them on the same satellite. In the US, there are hybrid dishes available and householders can receive Ka band and Ku band signals. That is technically feasible and there are some 22 million households in the US using it. The cost of the dish is approximately $65.

Or Freeview if you can receive Welsh, IOM or N.I. UK television via an aerial  UK television is also available via subscription on Cable, MMDS and Satellite feeds (Mainly UPC and Sky).

See our Free UK TV Section!