Saorview or Saorsat will not carry UK television. That would be  pay TV content.  Any Terrestrial PayTV system would be alongside Saorview, as Saorview is only Free To Air Television. RTE recommend that you use Freesat to get over 40 decent UK channels free and over 20 decent Radio stations free (out of 200+ FTA TV and about 70 FTA Radio).

Freeview, Freeview HD

This is free to air (FTA) UK TV via an Aerial from Wales, I.O.M or N.I. Only a small percentage of people in Ireland can get  it.

Freesat, Freesat HD

This is free to air (FTA)  UK  TV  via a dish. The “Freesat from Sky” is not Free to Air TV, but Free to View (FTV) and needs a Skybox. It’s to encourage you to get a subscription.  Anyone can receive UK FTA satellite TV if they have a clear view of the sky at about 22.5 degrees elevation to the south west (a square folded on same diagonal twice).

Pay TV

However in reality though people are convinced that they want lots of pay TV  channels the novelty wears off and people watch normally about 10 channels. Sky1 is the most popular pay channel and only has 2% viewing time.

PayTV is very poor value. Many channels have a very high proportion of repeats.

About half of Sky subcribers or less have it for Sport. Though it’s important viewing for those that have it, all the Sky sport channels together only add up to about 2% of viewing time.

Pay TV saturation is believed to be “naturally” about 52% to 56%. The UK is close to Saturation. Irish PayTV is at 80% because historically it was the only way for many people to get decent RTE (and TV3 at all) and for most people to get the main UK channels such as BBC, ITV, C4 and Five. These and much more are now all legitimately and legally FTA (Free to Air, no subscription needed) on Satellite for once off install cost or on a cancelled Sky Subscription.

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